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The Essential First Step to Kickstart A Real Estate Sale.

Monday, May 20, 2024

What is the first step to making a sale?

You may or may not know this about me...but when I first started in real estate, I struggled so much.  I didn't know anything about sales, I was trying to sell condos and homes to people who I didn't know and they weren't interested because of the way I was presenting the opportunity to them.  You really can't just go from zero to one hundred in the same day as you meeting someone. 

Imagine going out on a first date, and the first words out of your mouth are "will you marry me!"  If that is your strategy, you will be single for a long time.  I was doing the equivalent in the sales world.  

​I didn't understand that there was a nurturing process in sales.  Complete strangers are willing to give you their information in exchange for something that benefits them.  But they won't give you millions of dollars to buy or give you their largest asset to sell without knowing a little bit about you.  

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A lot of times we are trying to sell this high-ticket real estate without first offering a low-ticket offer, like a FREE Home Evaluation, or something even more beneficial, like a strategy on how a homeowner can use the equity in their home to buy more real estate. The low-ticket, or FREE offer gives people a taste of what you are offering, as well as a peak into your world of who you are as a real estate agent.

It’s like samples at Costco. If you try something for free and really like it, then you probably are going to buy it — but you wouldn’t have if you had just seen it sitting on the shelf.  In fact, most of the things I purchase at Costco are from samples, I generally don't go out seeking items I have never had before...and most people are the same. 

The free thing gave you a taste. It made you want more.

​The same thing happens when people are shopping online — and this is exactly why I always talk about the value ladder.

Lesson 1: If you are struggling to sell real estate, it might be because you don’t have a low-ticket offer that blows people away and makes them want more.

→ Create a low-ticket offer that blows people away!

Lesson 2: If you have an awesome low-ticket offer… but no high-ticket offering that is irresistable… then I promise you’re leaving money on the table!

→ Create a real estate offering that makes it hard to resist,  that helps people even more!

The most successful businesses have both a frontend offer to give people a taste… and a high-ticket offer to drive bigger sales and deliver the real value.

​Create both!  Until Next Time...Keep Selling!

​The Realtor Coach.

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