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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Raglan House Condos in St. Clair West

With 320 condominium suites across 28 storeys, Raglan House will be a prominent, yet refined addition to the area. Camrost’ history of quality and craftsmanship is evident in the details, from the tower base that blends in with the neighbourhood’s past to the private balconies, and shared terrace that provide residents with outdoor space.

Coming home to Raglan House means standing at the intersection of five neighbourhoods. The corner of Bathurst and St. Clair West is a major hub for the city of Toronto - with transit connections to everywhere; groceries, parks, the city's best schools, and a ton of shopping. You’ll find yourself standing at the boundary of five distinct areas of the city that are yours to explore when you step outside the door at Raglan House.

With over $4 billion coming to this master-planned neighbourhood from more than 15 buildings, the area around Bathurst and St. Clair West will be buzzing with city life. For residents of Raglan House, it’s sure to become an important hub in their day-to-day lives. It’s a neighbourhood made for people. Partnering with the City of Toronto, Camrost has been able to continue their mission as a city builders to carefully help shape this master-planned neighbourhood in this coveted area.

New restaurants, cafes, and shops here create a convenient village within a charming neighbourhood.  There are parks, trails, and a new LRT station that can take you anywhere you need to go - if you can pull yourself away from the joys of redefined uptown living.  It's all right here for you.   Learn more by clicking on the button below.

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