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Mastering Success: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a High-Performing Real Estate Agent

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Mastering success with the realtor coach

The 4 Keys To Greatness

  • You Must Have a Destination Point: Too many go through life and sales by circumstance and not by direction.  You must have a target you are aiming for, otherwise, you will be at the mercy of someone else who does have an aiming point.  Imagine going to an airport asking the ticket teller for a plane ticket, they ask "where would you like to go" and your response is "I Don't know?"  You wouldn't' get very far...your business is no different.
  • Ethically copy and follow those before you: Success leaves clues and a trail.  I am all about carving my own path and setting new standards for the sales business, but why recreate the wheel, all you have to do is model and replicate someone who is doing and achieving exactly what you want. The results will be the same, but fair warning, be very careful who you choose to model, sometimes what you perceive is not reality.
  • You Must Have Self Confidence: With every new journey or new level of success you will naturally have some hesitations and self doubt.  That is natural.  However, do not spend too much time being down on yourself.  Begin your new chapter with as much courage and confidence as though you are already in possession of your new goal.
  • Get A Coach: One of the biggest mistakes most Realtors make, myself included, is thinking you can do this all on your own.  The reality of it is, you probably can for a short period of time, but what happens when you hit a snag, or you go off track?  A great coach is there to help guide you and get you back on track.  Remember, you are only as good as your last sale, so make sure you have lots of them!

It's Time To Elevate Your Sales Business...

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