7 Action Steps to Be Successful

At Young Realty Inc., and Young Realty Capital Inc., we pride ourselves on improving in every area of life, not just Real Estate. I just wanted to send out a quick note to help you finish out the year successfully and ready to take on 2012. Finish 2011 strong with these action steps and you will be ready to take on 2012 at full speed. Make 2012 your best year ever.

Action Steps:

1. Complete Something – Sounds simple but too often we leave detail items until we have free time. Unfortunately as a Realtor or Real Estate Investor, you don’t have much free time. This step forces you to complete something you haven’t done this year, ie, check unread emails, complete your online profile, fixing that leaky faucet, returning that phone call you have been dreading, things that create noise in the back of your head, just get rid of them, take the time to complete the little details before the end of the year.

2. Get Organized – Take this slower time of the year to organize your life and your business before the new year begins. Get your receipts in order, have your books updated, organize your files and your contacts, update your existing database.

3. Acquisition – Winter, especially the holidays has always been a great time to purchase properties, both for yourself and for your clients. There are always tremendous buying opportunities late in the year. Get out there and buy a property under market value, you will be happy you didn’t wait until the new year.

4. Presentation – have you been putting off that new hair cut or buying that suit you have been looking at all year. Do you want that new car you have been dreaming about. Take the last two weeks of the year to do a YOU makeover. Start 2012 with a new look and new presentation. If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, the sky is the limit to your success.

5. Preparation – Set your goals for 2012, don’t wait until the new year has begun to make a new years resolution. Start your resolutions now, set your goals, and get start, hit the ground running in 2012.

6. Reflection – This is one of best action steps you can make to take your game to the next level. Too often most people only focus on the road that is in front of them. The most successful people in the world always reflect on what they have done, what worked, what didn’t work, and how they can improve themselves as their future unfolds. This is one of the biggest differences between success and failure. If you constantly do the same routine over and over and are not happy with your results, then you need to take the time to reflect and get deep into how you can improve yourself.

7. And finally, Celebration – There is no better time of the year to celebrate then at the end of the year. Great parties, everyone is in a good mood, and its okay to let your guard down. Take this time of the year to really decompress. Literally, turn your phone off, turn your computer off, go for a massage, have a drink, do whatever it is that makes you feel good, and relax. Celebrate a job well done for 2011.


Stephen Young


Young Realty Inc.

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