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The Toronto Rental Market is on Fire

The latest news coming out of the Toronto Real Estate Rental Market is that the market is on FIRE!!!  Landlords are rejoicing, tenants are scrambling to get anything to live in, no matter the cost, and the government intervention has done nothing but to stoke the fire to burn faster and hotter.  From my own …

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The Value of a Good Tenant

Investors are often reluctant to engage in rental property acquisitions because of the potential to host a bad tenant. They have heard stories of tenants destroying properties, not paying the rent on time and causing unbelievable amounts of stress. It is not hard to understand why some investors may look elsewhere. However, alternative investments may …

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4 Reasons you need to invest in Real Estate, even part time.

The Ideal Strategy for Part Investors: Buy and Hold Buy and hold real estate strategies have proven — time and time again — that they belong in every investor’s portfolio, not excluding the average part time investor. Every investor, for that matter, could benefit from owning a rental property or two or dozens; provided it’s cash …

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The Benefits of Condo Investing

Investing in condos can AND should result in a lucrative exit strategy for those that know what they are doing.  If for nothing else, investing in condos is not unlike investing in their single-family counterparts: there’s no reason a sound strategy can’t pad your coffers with a little extra profit.  It is worth noting, however, that condos tend …

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Where are prices going within the Toronto Condo Market?

With 2017 being a rollercoaster year for pricing, and uncertainty in the overall market due to government intervention.  I wanted to take a look at my predictions for the 2018 market on a specific topic, that pretty much everyone is interested in.  What is my condo worth? And is the price going to continue to …

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