Elevation 2018

July 2018 – Elevation Magazine

Have you ever wanted to get into the real estate investing game, but money was holding you back?  Let me tell you an industry secret, money is never the issue with real estate, finding the opportunity is.  This month we discuss how to invest with no money.

April 2018 – Elevation Magazine

This month we discuss the 4 reasons why you and everyone else on this planet needs to invest in real estate.  You can’t find these combined in any other investment vehicle.  We also look at the value of a good tenant.  Super important when you are an investor.

March 2018 – Elevation Magazine

We take a look at the benefits of condo ownership over it’s counterpart, the single family home.  We also look at the future of real estate from an essay that Peter Diamandis wrote.  Imagine having robots build buildings in record time, we discuss it this month.

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