What’s Behind the Curtain

Have you ever peeked behind the scenes of someone you admire, maybe it’s an actor, maybe it’s a mentor, maybe it’s your own parents.  Unfortunately, most of the time, the reveal of what’s behind the curtain is all that exciting.  Think about the last time you were wowed by a magician, if they had revealed the magic behind the trick first and then showed you the magic trick, you wouldn’t be all that thrilled.  This week’s lesson, I want you to use that same analogy to look behind the curtain to everyone you meet in Real Estate.  If you have ever been sold, or someone attempted to sell you something in real estate, you must first ask yourself, what is behind the curtain, what is it that they are trying to sell me and what is the motivation behind it.  Most of the times, the motivation is heavy in the favour of the person selling the product to you, it’s to their benefit.  SO, before you buy anything, from anyone in real estate, first ask yourself, what’s behind the curtain.

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