Do you want wealth or poverty?

If you were to take a poll, or a survey, asking people it they wanted wealth or poverty, what do you think the response would be?  You don’t have to betting person to understand, 9 out of 10 people would say they wanted wealth over poverty.  I do these surveys with people I coach all the time.  The 10% of people who choose poverty, choose it not because they want poverty, but it’s a default to say “money isn’t that important to them.”  I have had to evolve my “testing” to really see what people wanted.  What if you did a test/poll/survey, and you literally gave money away, not  a little, but a lot.  What if you sat on the street corner with $1 million of cold hard cash and whoever wants it can have it?  I’ve never personally done this test, but the point is this, you wouldn’t have to ask more than 1 person.  I can guarantee you that 10 out of 10 people would take it.  Some would be hesitant, let’s face it, seems too good to be true.  The people who hesitate are only being stopped by themselves and their thoughts.  Those same people who are hesitant are also the same people who make excuse after excuse, and blame “society” or worse they think everything is a scam.  Once the naysayers have finished with excuses and hesitation, and were convinced there are no tricks, they too would come to the same conclusion…

They would take the money!  Who wouldn’t, you would be crazy not to.

Here is the lesson.  If everyone you ask is willing to take money just handed over to them, why is it that more people have money?  Why is it that people struggle with money.  Why does 96% of the world’s population struggle to earn the money they are so easily persuaded to take off the street?  If you are someone who chooses wealth over poverty, and you have desired for more in your life at any given time, the question then becomes why are you not acting on those desires?  It is okay to want money.  Chasing money is as worthy an ideal as chasing a career, passion or hobby.  It’s no different.  This is where I lose a lot of people.  The common theme is that they don’t want to admit their only goal in life is more money.  It’s okay to choose wealth.  Go after it like a hungry man is going after a sandwich.  You must be hungry to get it and stay focused on it.  There is no benefits to wanting more, talking about more, and desiring more if you are unwilling to act on the desire.

Almost everyone I speak to about real estate investing wants one thing, it’s not the bricks and mortar of the building, it’s the money that comes with it.  You then have to ask yourself are you willing to do whatever it takes.  I know you are capable, and I know you want it, you just have to act on it now.

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