A Little Reflection Goes Along Way

ReflectionIt wasn’t that long ago that I literally had zero money, zero real estate holdings, and if I’m being blunt, zero knowledge of what and how the real estate business actually worked. A little over a decade later and I own tons of properties, and I am now teaching others what and how this real estate business works. Sometimes the only way to know you are actually going anywhere is to take a step back, relax and reflect on where you came from.

Too often we get caught up the daily grind and we don’t take a moment to reflect on where your journey began, and sometimes it isn’t always a good reflection. Maybe your current life isn’t as good as it used to be, if that’s the case, this week’s exercise is vitally important to reflect on where you were, and what you were doing to get the results you actually wanted and to get yourself back to that state.

For most people watching, that probably isn’t the case, I am lucky enough to have a following of very successful people who want to always improve what they are doing. And because of that, you, just like I do, forget where you came from and how sometimes difficult the road was to get to where you are today. Enjoy this week’s reflection on me buying my first property.

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Motivational Monday – Reflection[/headline]
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