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How to soften the blow when moving into a new town.

While moving from your old, established home to a new town can be incredibly exciting, it can  also be challenging.

Getting used to the new sights, sounds and rhythms of a new home is tough, particularly if the culture is different from what you are used to. However, by carefully
settling into your new home and integrating yourself with your new community, your new area
can rapidly start to feel like home. Here are some tips that can help you as you navigate the
waters of a new town.

Unpack your belongings immediately

The first challenge you’ll have to tackle is the problem of unpacking and organizing your new
home. A house can’t truly feel like home until all your things are in their proper place, but it can
be an overwhelming task to go through stacks of boxes left over from the move. Your first
decision should be what room to unpack first. If you have children, unpack their things first to
preserve a sense of normalcy and peace in your new home. If you used a team of movers, they
should have already put together your beds, so your next task should be to find a pair of sheets
for each bed so that you and your family will have a place to sleep even if you have more
unpacking to do the next day. This, and other decisions you make on unpacking day, should

help ease your stress levels so that you can focus on settling into your new home. Next, tackle
the kitchen – food is critical, and eating out for every meal can be both unhealthy and expensive.
The rest of your unpacking is up to you – continue unpacking the parts of the house that you’ll
need quickly. Remember, though, to finish unpacking. Often, it is easy to get to a relatively
comfortable place in a home, even when the last few boxes have yet to be unpacked. Leaving
moving boxes in your house, though, will make the situation seem temporary, and will make it
harder for you to fully ease into your new space.

Meet your neighbours

The next day, take care of the basic responsibilities, like checking on utilities, changing your
mailing address, and fitting new locks on the doors. You should also take the opportunity to
meet your neighbours, if you haven’t already. By getting to know the people you will be living
near on an individual basis, you will feel much more at home. You can get to know everyone
even better by hosting an open house a few days after you’re fully unpacked. If you have
children, this can be a great way to get them to feel more comfortable in their own space, and
meet other neighbourhood kids.

Explore your neighbourhood

Your next task should be to explore your new town. Visit places like your local public library,
visitor’s center, and coffee shop to learn more about the region and the people who live there.
Be sure to take your children along so that they can become familiar with the layout of the town,
as well. If you have dogs, it may be much easier to hire a dog walker or pet sitter while you are
still getting acclimated to the new town. Dogs need time to transition, too, and a dog walker
who knows the area can help your dog feel comfortable in their new territory. Similarly, a pet sitter can

ensure that your dog gets the attention they need while you are out exploring. Both
are useful on days when you are occupied with moving, designing your house and investigating
your new home.

Moving to a new town can be stressful, but you can make it much easier if you unpack carefully
and take the time to explore your new area. Be sure to get to know your neighbours to make
some friends along the way.

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