About Us

"You never change things by fighting an existing reality. To change something, build a NEW model that makes the existing model obsolete." - R. Buckminster Fuller

Who Are We

Full Service Brokerage firm specializing in building long term sustainable wealth for our clients using Real Estate.

Our Mission

To educate and MORE importantly, convert all of our clients, new or existing, into wealthy Real Estate Investors.

What We Do

We create Real Estate Portfolios for new and experienced investors to match their investment goals, no matter how large they may be.

Our history

In 2010, Stephen Young began forming what is now known as The Young Group of Companies Inc. The first flagship company to be formed was Young Realty Inc. This was, and still is, the bedrock of all the other companies. Young Realty Inc. was the extension of Stephen’s sales business that continues to break sales records each and every year. The Young Group of Companies has evolved into 12 companies, operating in all aspects of real estate from management, development, investments, capital, training and of course, what Stephen has now become known for, education.  This mega organization has allowed Stephen to not only build wealth and a legacy for this family, but it allows him to stay involved in all aspects of real estate, giving an unprecedented approach and experience for his students, and clients.  Stephen loves the front lines of capitalism approach, and wouldn’t want it any other way. He believes in leading from the front to deliver I high octane experience.

Our 6-D process



We must figure out what exactly it is you want.  We have a 12 step process of goal setting that hones in what is your burning desires.



If you are going to do something you’ve never done before, we must define exactly it is you will be doing moving forward.  



What’s the point of having a destination if you don’t have a road map to get there.  We never leave you hanging, we customize your plan, step by step.



There isn’t anything we haven’t been asked to do yet for our clients goals.  We take your plan and develop the strategy behind delivering the goods.



What’s the point of doing all of this work if we don’t take ACTION.  With our award winning team, we deploy your plan to the marketplace.



Where the rubber hits the road, once action begins, your consistent, and repeatable investment money starts rolling in, and your life will never be the same.

Why choose us?

Great leaders are the best visionaries, but more importantly, have the ability to convert ideas into reality, this is the mission statement of the Young Realty Philosophy.

Our Agents and Advisors are ready to act when you are, we have live operators available 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions..

What we love most about real estate is that we only get paid if our clients do.  We will only be paid if our clients buy a successful real estate investment.

Sadly, most real estate brokerages are made up of a patch work of part time agents and staff.  You can be assured the only people helping you to achieve your real estate investing goals are 100% committed to real estate and bringing everything you need to the table.

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Happy Clients
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Billions Sold

Meet the team

Stephen Young


Stephen Young Founded Young Realty Inc. in 2010 after a stellar 6 year sales career with Re/Max. Stephen’s passion was always with investing and not selling.  He was longing for a brokerage that would facilitate his sales business as well as his growing real estate investment companies.  After a year long search, and coming up empty, he decided the only thing left was to start his own company, and Young Realty was formed.  The messaging was simple, to help build long term sustainable wealth for his clients and staff are at the forefront of what Young Realty values. 

heber young

VP of Operations and Accounting

With over 40 years experience in the corporate world.  When Heber was given the opportunity to help grow his son’s real estate business, he jumped at the opportunity.  Heber has been a perfect fit to the Young organization, without his talent and experience, Young Realty would have come off the rails a long time ago.  He maintains professionalism at all times, and knows every dollar in and out. Our clients are much better served, knowing Heber is looking over their money.

marlow singh


My personal goal for all of my clients is to create long term sustainable wealth through education and opportunity using real estate as the vehicle.  I have not been able to discover any other asset class that can out perform real estate, which is the main reason why I have devoted my life and career to becoming your pre-eminent real estate advisor.  My advisory services are designed to assist my clients beyond the typical real estate transaction which will ensure that your goals are realized.

Brian Ford


Sales Representative with significant experience in consultative Sales and Operations management. Master negotiator with a focus on creative solutions.   An energetic, goal oriented, entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Keri-Lee Durno


Decades long experience is what puts Keri-Lee on top of the real estate business.  Her eye for detail, and her incredible negotiation skillset has allowed her run an award wining real estate business.  Her main book of business comes from referrals and past clients, showing her clients commitment as well as confidence in her abilities.

Michelle McGarry


Michelle’s background as a school teacher has allowed her the patience she needs at times dealing in real estate.  Her success comes from her incredible work ethic along with her ability to sniff out a deal and act on it.  Her clients benefit from her extensive knowledge of the real estate markets she researches and ultimately sells and invests in.

Cindy Kewley


Sales Representative with significant experience in consultative Sales and Operations management. Master negotiator with a focus on creative solutions.   An energetic, goal oriented, entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Mirah Kim


Mirah has been serving the Toronto Commercial Real Estate community for over 20 years.  Her financial background, along with her ability to search out and find incredible investment opportunity has allowed her to excel and become known as the “go-to” person for commercial real estate.

Kevin Strachan


Kevin has been studying, investing and selling commercial real estate his entire career.  A true professional in all aspects of the real estate business.  Be sure to contact Kevin for all your real estate needs.

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