Month: April 2018

Don’t be afraid to follow. was recently given a shirt that has a slogan on it that states Never Follow, Always Lead. I understand the messaging, and it means well, but at the end of the day, I 100% disagree with this messaging. Being a leader is vital and important to your success, there is no question, but the …

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The Value of a Good Tenant

Investors are often reluctant to engage in rental property acquisitions because of the potential to host a bad tenant. They have heard stories of tenants destroying properties, not paying the rent on time and causing unbelievable amounts of stress. It is not hard to understand why some investors may look elsewhere. However, alternative investments may …

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4 Reasons you need to invest in Real Estate, even part time.

The Ideal Strategy for Part Investors: Buy and Hold Buy and hold real estate strategies have proven — time and time again — that they belong in every investor’s portfolio, not excluding the average part time investor. Every investor, for that matter, could benefit from owning a rental property or two or dozens; provided it’s cash …

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April 2018 – Elevation Magazine

This month we discuss the 4 reasons why you and everyone else on this planet needs to invest in real estate.  You can’t find these combined in any other investment vehicle.  We also look at the value of a good tenant.  Super important when you are an investor.

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