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We are not your average Real Estate Brokerage.  We are a full service Real Estate Advisory Group that specializes in building long term sustainable wealth using Real Estate as the vehicle, using proven strategies, that produce guarantee investment returns.


After decades of front line Real Estate Investing, the Founders have brought their guaranteed results to their clients.


Sales, Financing, Marketing and Strategic Planning are just a few items we help out Developers with.


The most unique, results driven, Real Estate Marketing you will ever see, whether you are selling 1 property or 1,000.

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Our followers are engaging and intrigued by our daily education and behind the scenes look into Real Estate.


We are bringing Real Estate Investing to your mobile phone, and the ease at which we earn you money is ground breaking.

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We are here for all of our clients, 24/7, with live operators waiting to speak to you about any questions you may have.

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What clients say

"I didn't know where to start with my investing career. I knew I wanted real estate, I just didn't know how to get started. Meeting Stephen Young and his team was a real game changer in my business. I was able to quit my full time job and focus on Real Estate Investing exclusively thanks to his training and techniques."
Scott Elington
Real Estate Investor

Young Realty Books


Success is different for everyone, but it is the same meaning…to reach a goal that you have always strived for.  This book will help you get there.  It will give you the road map you need to reach your goals, no matter how big or small.


This is the precursor to 12X Blueprint, the Young Realty claim to fame.  This book covers the starting points, and basic knowledge one needs to not only attain wealth, but to constantly grow, and ultimately sustain it for generations.

Ideas journal

Have you ever had an idea that never seemed to go anywhere, or worse, you had a million dollar idea that someone beat you to the market with?  We all have ideas, it is only those who act on them who will truly see it to fruition.

The Ivy Lee Method

The Story of Ivy Lee is one that needs to be taught not only to every child, but to every adult.  It is a story about productivity and how to change your outcome to ensure that you daily activities are very productive.

12X Blueprint

If I could show you how to turn your annual income into a monthly income…would that change your life?  I know it will, but the question then becomes, will you do whatever it takes to get it?  This book will show you how. 

Young Realty Courses

The Realtor Coach

Are you a Realtor looking to grow your business?  Are you looking to start in the Real Estate business?  Whether you are new or experienced, this course delivers some ground breaking, never before seen coaching strategies and techniques that have been employed by thousands of Realtors around the globe.  Get in on this incredible training today.

“Stephen teaches sales in a whole new light, every Realtor should be trained this way.” – Dave Liniger, Re/Max Founder

Follow Me to A million

They say earning your first Million will be the hardest one.  There is some truth to that, but my first Million came rather easily, and I am teaching you how to do the exact same thing I did, with a simple, step by step guide on you can do the same…That is, if you want to.  The choice is yours, come join me.

12X Blueprint

Stephen Young’s cornerstone learning program.  He teaches how you can turn your best annual income ever into your monthly income.  He knows it so well because that is what he did.  Have you ever felt that you are just missing a couple of steps to financial success?  You’re right, it’s much closer than you think.  Stephen did 12X in 1 year, and has repeated it now for 12 years.


Learn How Stephen Built his Empire From The Ground Up! FREE WEBCAST TRAINING

Young Realty Events


Our Annual Conference that brings nothing but fireworks!!! This year will be no different. If you haven't transformed your real estate business, this event is guaranteed to make that happen. If you are new to real estate, if you are an investor, Realtor, residential, commercial, industrial, none of it matters what your focus is. As long as you are focused on building your real estate empire, this event is the place for you.


If you are looking for like minded individuals, who meet up every month to discuss all things real estate. The academy is what you need. If you can't make our live meetings, no worries, I will bring the meeting to you with our live streaming, and you can watch it right from your computer. If you are a Realtor, Investor, or just curious, we have you covered. Come out with a friend to discover what it's all about.

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Attention Developers, if you are looking for a one stop Real Estate Advisory Group to take your projects from inception to completion, we are who you are looking for...Contact Us Today.